Podcast – BB on Blast


As well as writing, I like to express myself via the mediums of laughing and swearing. I have an inexplicable passion for Big Brother and I host a Big Brother podcast discussing the UK and international Big Brothers, including US, Canada and Australia.


I previously co-hosted Big Brother Bile and now co-host BB on Blast with my good friend Gaz. Both podcasts have had thousands of listens and BB on Blast which has a cult following and enthusiastic fanbase. I have also covered some other reality shows such as X Factor but Big Brother is my main podcasting passion. 

Check out our website for photos and videos of from inside the BBUK house.

We're also on all the usual podcasting platforms including Apple and Spreaker

We tweet regularly about Big Brother US, Canada, Australia and of course, lots of mentions of BBUK.

Here's an archive of all the series we covered on Big Brother Bile, if you want an easy way to glance through.